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A reliable manufacturer of Piles Relief Capsules, Pain Relief Oil, Ayurvedic Blood Purifier Syrup, Aceclofenac Paracetamol and Serratiopeptidase Tablets and a lot more pharma products.

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About Us

Our company, Adelina Lifesciences, is offerings effective products like Tea Tree Oil, Nitrofurantion Sustained Release Tablets, Enzyme Syrup With Appetizer, Herbal Blood Purifier Syrup, etc. Besides being a manufacturer and supplier, we are a third party exporter of the mentioned array. Our company has been able to create a unique market image because of the high-quality of our items. Due to our excellence, we have attained WHO-GMP Certification and earned a leading market reputation. All our customers served by us are satisfied and are rating us as a five-star entity. Our uncompromised quality and flexible working approach are undoubtedly the major reasons behind the success of our entity. We take care of our old customers and practice the innovative ideas to attract new customer base.

Our distribution network is strong and wide that is enabling us to clients from various ends of the country. Before serving our buyers, we provide them the required information about our products so that all their doubts can be resolved. Apart from this, we provide great opportunity to aspiring business owners who want to establish a stable venture and emerge as a trusted brand. We offer our franchise to smart and dynamic entrepreneurs and promote the mutual growth by wide market penetration of our products.

Our Philosophy and Values

Our company seeks to build a sustainable system where every employee is motivated to attain new heights of success and discover new avenues for growth.
Our company is driven by values like innovation, quality, corporate social responsibility and respect.

Vision and Mission

The vision of our company is to be the best in the respective domain and emerge as a leader of pharmaceutical products like Nitrofurantion Sustained Release Tablets,  Tree Oil,  Herbal Blood Purifier Syrup, Enzyme Syrup With Appetizer, etc. We aim to expand our company not only in various parts of India but abroad as well. Our company is dedicated to manufacturing medicine of the highest standard that can help the patients in recovering from ailments.

Our mission is to emerge as an entity that is highly professional aspires to deliver value through effective pharmaceutical products and be strong brands across the world. We know that this can be achieved via our scientific support, R&D and strong implementation capabilities.

Business Beliefs

We are built around certain beliefs that attain the position where we are today; a front runner in the medical sector. There are four main pillars of our business beliefs that are mentioned below:

  • Quality: The quality is the driving force behind our company that has resulted in our grand success.
  • Ethics: Manage our businesses by implementing the best practices that are transparent as well.
  • Customer Focus: We are focused on customer satisfaction as they are our priority.
  • Respect for People: We respect our employees, customers, vendors and business associates.

Quality Policy

The foundation of our company, Adelina Lifesciencesm is premium quality and in this basis, we aim to expand our venture. We display our quality by developing products that meet the expectations of customers. We are sure that with our commitment to quality and improvement, we will attain optimum client satisfaction.

Our focus on Quality Control and Quality assurance is our strengths and the Major characteristic which differentiates us from other companies. We strictly adhere to cGMP norms and all other norms that are set for our industry.

All the products including Enzyme Syrup With Appetizer, Tree Oil, Nitrofurantion Sustained Release Tablets, Herbal Blood Purifier Syrup, etc. manufactured by us undergo in-depth R&D and stringent quality tests. Furthermore, we make use of modern instruments like U.V. spectrophotometer for qualitative and quantitative purposes. The round of quality check is performed by a highly experienced, qualified and well-trained, which help us to serve customers with defect-free products.

Our Divisions

Besides owing this Adelina Lifesciences, we have another company by the name Ayulina Lifesciences that is reputed and the first choice of esteemed customers.

Why Us?

We are Committed

We are Offering

We are Experienced

  • To produce the best generic medicines
  • Use modern technology for manufacturing.
  • More than 100 effective pharma products
  • Dedicated units for the manufacturing medicines to pharma companies.
  • Exporting in more than 10 countries
  • Highly dedicated team of pharma experts.

Advantages of Working With Us
  • High Quality: We deliver the best products that meet international industry norms
  • R & D: We have a strong Research & Development team that enables us to stand out in the market.
  • Pricing:  We charge competitive price for our products that fits customers budget.
  • Quick Service: We are capable to meet the bulk orders that too on immediate basis.

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